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Patients Rights

A list of the rights and responsibilities of patients and their families:
Welcome to our hospital, We are all happy that you have chosen us as the place of health care when you need treatment.
All employees of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashary Hospital are obligated to provide you with the best possible medical and nursing care. Our principles: Preserving the dignity of the human being is an element of the utmost importance to preserve his health.

Rights of patients and their families
The patient and their families have the right to: obtain a copy of the hospital’s letter and a document on the rights and responsibilities of the patients and their families and their responsibilities upon registration or admission to the hospital. Receive the appropriate health service at the right time.
Ensure that the patient or his / her legal guardian is familiar with all information related to the condition and the patient’s health status in a sufficient, clear and comprehensible language. Receive appropriate evaluation and education for pain management.
The patient has the right to meet the counselor within (12) hours of admission to the hospital, or less than that if the case calls for privacy and the preservation of dignity.
Maintain confidentiality of patient information, diagnosis, analysis, treatment, and medical records.
The health care should be in a safe environment suitable for the patient’s health condition.
The patient and his / her family have the right to remind health care personnel of the necessity to wash hands especially before a clinical examination.
Respect the patient’s cultural, social, religious, sectarian and spiritual values ​​and beliefs.
Discussing the patient’s attending physician or legal guardian about the expected results, and knowing the medical alternatives suggested in their existence, complications and risks.
Obtaining the patient or his legal guardian from the attending physician to obtain the necessary information before any therapeutic procedure or operation, before signing the consent form. Obtaining documented medical education for the patient and his family.
The patient has the right to change the treating physician to another in the same specialty, if this is available.
Taking another medical opinion according to the organizational schedule of Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Mashary Hospital.
Obtaining a medical report stating the medical condition and all the health services provided to him at Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashary Hospital.
Familiarizing the patient or his legal guardian with the possibility of refusing all or part of the prescribed treatment, with the commitment of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashari Hospital.
With this right, without contradicting the applicable laws and regulations, and informing them of the expected results of the rejection decision, along with the necessity to sign the acknowledgment form for the established procedure.
Familiarizing the patient or his / her legal guardian with other alternative treatments in case the proposed treatment is refused.
Get approximate information about the expected cost before starting treatment.
Answer all inquiries regarding the treatment bill, regardless of who pays it.
It provides a list of the interventions that need to be approved separately, including, at least, surgeries, anesthesia, transfusion of blood and blood products, and other risky interventions and treatments.
Withdraw consent any time before the operation
Submitting a verbal or written complaint, Signed or unsigned, Or proposals to manage patient relations without any impact on the quality of the service provided to him. Inform them of any information available regarding the complaint or the suggestion when it becomes available.
The legal procedures for organ donation will be strictly subject to the procedures and guidelines of the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation.

Responsibilities of patients and their families:
The patient and his / her family (including companions and visitors) must adhere to the following:
Preserving the property of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashari Hospital and the property of others.
Safe and correct use of the facilities and equipment in Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashary Hospital.

Follow regulations and guidelines
They include:

  1. Bring proof of the patient’s identity.
  2. Giving complete and accurate information about the patient’s personal, health and sick information.
  3. Follow the established treatment plan.
  4. Treat all staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  5. Compliance with non-smoking in all Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Mashri Hospital facilities, except in the place designated for that. Follow a hand hygiene policy.
  6. Follow the preventive isolation procedures.
  7. Adherence to the declared visit periods and not to bring things that are not allowed.