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Dr. Abdul Rahman Hospital is more than just a hospital, it is a community of care and a haven which you can visit and stay in it to heal, which enables you to return to your home or workplace with renewed strength and confidence and hope . We take care of our patients by taking care of selecting our staff members , and make sure they are ready to take care of you in a professional way, accompanied by their compassionate and practical experience We have been at the core of the Saudi welfare system for over 30 years and we have achieved the highest medical standards in our services. We are a family which runs the hospital and one of the first institutions in the Kingdom which was founded by a man who really cared about all people, and who knocks on our door, will find that our mission is clear. You are welcome here, whatever your problem is, whoever you are.

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Dr.Abdulrahman mishari

The world witnessed the devastating smallpox epidemic in the late 1940s that arrived in Saudi Arabia. When a family member died in his hands Abdulrahman vowed to do something about it. To help people overcome disease and infection. Abdulrahman grew and developed his love and passion for medicine and medical issues and was attracted to his profession as magnets There was no other option - he was destined to become a doctor. Abdulrahman graduated from the University in 1972 and became the first qualified doctor from the Eastern Province in addition to the first Saudi to join the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in London Upon his return from medical training in the UK, The Saudi government honored Dr. Meshari for his exceptional achievements, The government realized then that it needed