Patients Rights

Patient & family bill of Right & Responsibilities:
Welcome to Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mishari Hospital (ARMH) We are pleased that you have chosen us your place of healthcare facility .
Dr.Abdulrahman Al Mishari Hospital (ARMH) staffs are committed to providing you with excellent medical and nursing care; we believe that the maintenance of human dignity is vital to good healthcare.
The patient and his/her family have the right to:
Be provided with acopy of the hospital mission and patient and family right and responsibility during registration or admission to the hospital.
Be provided with the right treatment in the right time.
Be informed about the case and health status in an understandable language.
Receive education regarding pain assessment/re assessment and management.
Be seen by a consultant with in 12 hours of admission , sooner if conditions indicate.
Have privacy and dignity, Confidentiality of information.
Be provided with heath care in a safe environment.
Have the right to remind any health care worker to perform hand hygiene /hand rub should they forget to do so.
Be respected for cultural ,psychosocial, spiritual and personal values ,beliefs and preference.
Discuss the potential complications , risks, benefits and the altematives to the proposed procedures 
with their healthcare provider.
Be provided with needed information before
any treatment procedure or surgery , before signing informed consent form.
Receive a documented patient and family education
Change the treating consultant within same specialty if available.
Request second opinion from a tearting physician within and outside ARMH in accordance to the hospital policy and procedures.
Receive amedical report about his/her condition and all the medical services given to him/her in ARMH. Refuse treatment or a part of it ; taking into account the adopted laws and regulations.
Be informed other alternative treatments (if any) in case he/she refused the treatment.
Be informed in advance of the expected cost of treatment.
Know all about details the treatment bill regardless of who will pay for it.
Be provided with a list of interventions that requires separate consent forms such as : surgeries , anesthesia 
, blood and blood product transfusions and high risk treatment.
File a verbal or a written complaint / suggestion, whether it is signed or not, to the Patient Relations Offier without affecting quality of care provided to him/her.
Be informed that they can withdraw this consent anytime before the procedure.
Be informed of the complaints handing process policy & procedure.
Legal procedures for organ donation are strictly followed in accordance with the Saudi center for organ transplant (SCOT) guidelines.
The patient and his/her family (including the companions and visitors) are responsible for:
Preserving the properties of ARMH.
Using the facilities and equipments of ARMH safely and correctly.
following the rules and regulations of ARMH by:
Presenting personal identification.
Providing complete and accurate patient’s personal and medical information.
Ensuring that financial commitments due to ARMH are fulfilled promptly.
Following the recommended treatment plan, where the patient or his/her legal guardian is responsible for 
his/her actions and the consequences in case he/she refused treatment.
Following the general rules in addition to respecting others cultural, spiritual and personal values beliefs. respecting the privacy of others.
adopting No-smoking policy.
complying with the hand hygiene /hand rub policy and procedures of the hospital.
complying with the isolation precautions when applicable.
adhering to the visiting hours and not to bring forbidden items.