Proclamation for Patient

To Commemorate the Organization’s Commitment to Patient Centered Care we proclaim to our patient and community this truth, which we hold to be self-evident:

  • A patient is an individual to be cared for, not a medical condition to be treated.
  • Each patient is a unique person, with diverse needs.
  • Each staff members is a caregiver, whose role is to meet the needs of ech patient.
  • Other patient’s family and friends are also our partners and we welcome our involvement.
  • Access to understandable health information is essential to empower patients to participate in their care and it is our responsibility to provide access to that information.
  • The opportunity to make decisions is essential to the well-being of our patients. It is our responsibility to maximize patient opportunity for choises and to respect those choices.
  • Our patient well-being can be enhance by an optimal healing environment.
  • To effectively care for patients, we must also care for our staff members by providing a safe working environment.
  • Patient centered care is the core of a high quality health care system and necessary foundation for safe, effective timely and equitable care.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Mishari Hospital
Exist to serve our patient and our community. We are honored to be here for you